Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Thanks for the Valentine messages. We have 4 couples scheduled to come here but they, including our friends the Skousen's are hung up because of the new requirement to have an FBI clearance due to the terrorist event on Christmas Day on the aircraft that was inbound into Detroit from Amsterdam. So We will soon be hurting a lot for sufficient people to run the temple whereas the Picards from France and Guillens from Murcia have left and the Clementes from Alicante are soon to go and Perez keep saying that they will be going also. The dollar has gained some strength since we have been here and the 300 euros we usually get has gone down in price from $ 443 to $418. That has been a pleasant surprise.This winter is as cold as ever and we wimps from Arizona are getting tired of it. We have enjoyed knowing the Moores and other obreros who are here. Serving in the temple has been as wonderful as ever. We are scheduled today to speak in the CCM. We are excited about this opportunity. However we will be speaking to only 5 missionaries, 4 French and 1 Portuguese. Some of the other senior missionaries are going with us for moral support. We had a very busy day yesterday and it seems that the weekends right now are the best and busiest times. As Veil Directors last week Sandy & I had double sessions at 9:00 and 11:00 which as you know gave us some fun challenges , but it was a piece of cake. Brother Retuerto( Flt. Attendant with Iberian ) and Sister Zaldivar had their daughter sealed to a Swedish young man yesterday. We really feel needed and like we are doing a worthwhile thing in our lives right now. Where else except in the Church. We feel the tender mercies of the Lord every day. We are so blessed and try hard to have an attitude of gratitude.We appreciate you for what and who you are and love hearing from you. We went to the Cuatro Caminos Ward to do a Music and the Spoken Word program to help the missionaries there. We had fun working with Patricia Cerro who has a beautiful soprano voice and her friend who has been a member for only 9 months was our narrator. He seemed to get more out of the experience than anybody . He and I did some baptisms in the temple that morning. We have been talking to him about going to the temple for his own endowments 3 months from now. He is a great guy of 32 years age and his name is Hugo Morelli. I've got to run and play for our ward primary prior to going to the CCM sacrament meeting so better end this epistle. Have a great Sabbath !!!