Saturday, October 9, 2010

NATO headquarters and Lisboa Temple announcement

It is Sunday night here in Madrid on General Conference Sunday. We are so happy to have been able to see sessions of conference yesterday and today and will see the final session tomorrow morning. We have been watching the sessions upstairs with the missionaries. The messages have been powerful and very much what we need to know. We are so grateful to have our prophet and the others leaders to inspire and guide us. We are also grateful to each of you for your love and support. We could not be here doing what we are doing if we did not have your love and support. We love each of you more than ever and more than mere words can express. Thank you...thank you. Our week started off with the missionaries leaving for their areas. We have mentioned that the last few weeks have been different in that we have had all 5 languages in the MTC. We have included a picture of us with the missionaries taken by the temple. We look at these precious young people and appreciate so much their families who have prepared them to serve. We have received a few new elders so we still have some Italian, American and one from Spain and one from England. We were somewhat busy in the temple this week with some French and a few from Portugal. The one thing that happened this week was when we were asked to go to NATO Headquarters and help a fellow church member be promoted to LT.COL. in the USAF. Brother Wilson asked Dick to "PIN" his new rank on his uniform on one shoulder as his wife Karen did the other shoulder. It was a great experience for us and we have included a picture for you all to see. It has turned cool here in Madrid. The leaves are turning but the flowers on the temple plaza are blooming their heads off. We also have included a picture for you. We are doing well as we reach our one year mark. The next 6 months will go very quickly. We are looking forward to being home and spending time with our children and grandchildren. We have nothing that is more important to us than serving the Lord and our family. Please start making lists of the things we can do for and with all of you. We look forward to the opportunity to get better acquainted with our family. We felt that many of the speakers in conference were speaking directly to us concerning what we hope to do when we get home. We pray for you all and know that our greatest blessings come from keeping the commandments and by loving our Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son Jesus Christ. One thing that thrilled us in conference was the announcement of the Lisboa Temple. Our friends in Portugal have sent us emails saying that the tears are flowing throughout Portugal in thanksgiving for this blessing of a temple in their country. We wept as well at the announcement.