Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First Send off

We have just sent off our group of missionaries and are missing them already! We get very attached to them during their time here in the MTC. This group has inspired us with their testimonies and strengths. Our French elders were especially wonderful. When we don't understand their words we have to rely on the spirit to communicate and it is amazing how that works. One of the elders was from an island off Madagasgar. He is very tall and very thin and speaks quite alot of English. He bore his testimony yesterday in our farewell meeting with all of them and brought us all to tears as he tearfully said, "I want to be like Christ". We see changes in all the missionaries and love them so much. One sister from Utah is Jewish. Her parents joined the church and have sent 7 of their 9 children on missions. Another elder from California told us that he wants to remind the people here in Spain of what they knew before they came to earth. We teach the missionaries about the preexistence and help them see how important it is to remember that we are truly Heavenly Fathers beloved children. The elder who said this is a big strong athlete from California and doesn't say much but he thinks alot. They are all so different and wonderful. We had two sisters from Mesa!! We have speakers from Madrid who come to the MTC on Sundays for sacrament meetings and firesides. Our hearts are touched by the stories we hear of their conversions. The missionaries learn how important it is for them to be out there talking and smiling! This week our speakers told how the husband was looking for the truth and was easily taught but the wife was harder to teach because of her Catholic background. When she did say she would be baptized her family told her that she was now dead to them. She was baptized with her husband but admitted that she did not have a testimony. After a few months she decided to return to the Catholic church and asked the priest to visit her the next day at 2:00. At the time there was a knock at her door and when she opened it there stood 3 elders who said we don't know why we are here but something told us to stop by. They said we don't have a lesson but just wanted to pray with you. She knelt down with them and they asked her to pray. She just wanted to get rid of them so she started to pray and then the words just came out of her of wanting to know if this church is true. As she prayed the spirit testified to her and she knew that no matter what her family did she knew the church was true. From that day she has been totally faithful. And by the way the priest never came to her home that day or any other day after. She and her husband have been strong and faithful members for 20 years. Conversion stories are always so tender and meaningful. We are keeping a journal of all the MTC missionaries with their testimonies and personal information. We hope to keep in touch with them the best we can. We have had several special experiences in the temple as well. One family was sealed last week. There 9 year old son was great. He said after the sealing that he could see someone there but didn't know who it was. With tears streaming down his cheeks he thanked everyone for helping his family be sealed! It may seem that we spend alot of time crying but there are moments when we can't hold back our joy!