Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hey everyone! Here it is Sunday again. Hope you all have had a nice day. Our ward choir sand the Battle Hymn of the Republic today and really got into it. It was fantastic!! We are so proud of these young people. Our new bishop is 27, newly married and an engineering student. He conducted today for the first time and did an excellent job.
We are having cooler weather now while you all are starting to melt. This week in the temple a little Cholita walked a long way to the temple and sat down to rest in the dressing room. After a few minutes she asked if she could do inititory. She cannot read or write so we all helped her with the names. She stayed for several hours. She does not have money to rent clothes for a session so she comes for inititory severalo times a month. Can you imagine the missionaries who took the time to teach her and help her gain her tiestimony? I am so touched by the faith and strength of these people. We love them with alll our hearts. Tomorrow is our preparation day so we will be busy getting ready for another wonderful week in the temple. Be faithful to your covenants and go to the temple. Love and Kisses, Mom and Dad

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