Thursday, April 10, 2008

What a week with several days of early morning activities due to the employees of the temple having their own session once a month and all the young missionaries , Eldres-70 and Sisters-10 every six weeks coming due in the same week. The Merrills have been given the responsibility for all early activities prior to the normal temple opening times. It is quite challenging to accomlish all necessary to acommodate especially the missionary sessions because they are limited to what they can do while they are missionaries. I'm sure you can imagine what this means. We had a great time this weekend watching conference in English at the Mission Home where President Dalene made arrangement for a satelite dish to be set up in his back yard. We sat in their comfortable living room and the sisters brought crock pots with different kinds of soup and dessert for the time between sessions when we watched the LDS World Report and enjoyed each other's company. We are only 4 gringo couples now plus the Dalenes. Sister Joyce Dalene is a relative to the Merrills and Ruthie Skousen thru our common great great Grandpa John Griggs White who lived in Nauvoo with the Prophet Joseph Smith. His descendant in our line was Elizabeth White wife of Orin Jackson Merrill. This became a little longer than we planned but maybe we can get better at this as time goes on. We want to make the Blog work and we are grateful to Chad and Linda for helping us get set up.
We Love you Alll ! Hope this photo comes through. Pres. Dalene took this photo last Sunday.

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Linda said...

Dad, you did it....I knew you had it in ya! What a crazy day that was...only 4 more months...keep the faith and don't get trunky!!