Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving moments

Dear Loved ones!! As we approach Thanksgivings we wish to express our love and appreciation to each of you for your efforts to build our eternal family and to be the very best person you can be. We know you are all trying to be the kind of person your Heavenly Father wants you to be. This brings Him and us joy beyond words. We sincerely hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday with an attitude of gratitude. We love each of you with all our hearts. Our Thanksgiving dinner here will be celebrated here on this coming Monday with 37 other people. Some of these are workers in the temple or missionaries in the Madrid Mission. We have been put in charge of this meal and have had fun preparing for it. We have ordered 3 turkeys and a ham and made food assignments to everyone coming and will serve the meal on the 6th floor of our building in the MTC cafeteria. The temple president and your dad will demonstrate the carving of the turkeys which will probably look more like ostriches but who cares!! We still remember the two we got the last time we were here that were given to us with the heads still on and legs 2 feet long. We asked the butcher to cut the heads on and then the legs also because our ovens are small. We spent most of this past week serving a good sized group of Italian members from the area around Rome. They spoke only Italian which was quite challenging at times. But. we were able to help them accomplish their work for their ancestors in all the various areas of the temple. It was a pleasure to work with these dedicated and pleasant people. They truly touched our hearts with their sweet spirits and dedication. They flew directly from Rome to Madrid. We also had a sizable group come from the east coast of Spain where the LLadro factory is..Valencia. Most of them travelled all night to get here then travelled all night to return. We have to run to a Christmas choir practice so we will close for now. Hugs and Kisses

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Mark and Leslie said...

Yeah!! Im soo glad you guys are back on here.Make sure you update often and I will try to do the same:) Love you mucho!!