Monday, December 21, 2009

Choir and Snow

We are continuing to be busy in this multi language temple. It can really be exciting at times.
We just returned from singing in a Choir sponsored by the East Madrid Stake which presented a very professionally done Christmas Concert. The Choir Director is a member of the Madrid National Choir and her husband is an accomplished and very creative pianist. It was a pleasure to sing for her but we held long practices each Sunday as she worked tirelessly to improve diction and quality of the people singing. Dick accompanied Sister Leonora Smith,who used to work in the Church temple dept. and help all of us seniors get processed for our temple missions. She has a trained soprano voice and she sang "Gesu Bambino". We came to Spain together in October. Dick also accompanied Sister Patricia Cerro who was here last time we were here and she sang " Oh Holy Night ". It was a delightful experience and we sang all the Christmas Carols. There were other duets and solos and groups, one of which Dick also accompanied on the song of " Estrella de Luz ". This was a group of young people about 10-12 in number. We woke up this Monday morning to a beautiful white covering of snow all over the ground and vehicles. The lights on the Temple Square are still on and it is quite beautiful. This is our second storm. We have a wonderful couple as our Temple President Garry and Lanelle Moore and they enjoy getting together with all of the Senior missionaries and we have several activities planned for the holidays to get through the season without too much heartache from not being near our families. We had a great Thanksgiving dinner with 40 + people attending and it was like days of old . We miss you and love you and really appreciate your e-mails. We wish you a Merry Christmas and an even better New Year for 2010!!!

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