Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Calling

We enjoyed a farewell dinner at our apartment with the two couples to our right . They are the Sprouls and the Fords. They leave for home at the end of this month. It was also Elder Ford's birthday on the left end. The Sprouls are returning to South Jordan where he was a school administrator for most of his career. The Ford's are going back to Bountiful. He was a farmer for many years. We will miss these good and faithful servants. The Ford's were temple workers and the Sprouls were in charge of the Institute program and were in the MTC Presidency. We were called to serve in the MTC presidency in addition to our serving as Temple missionaries. We were truly honored, humbled and a little overwhelmed at the new callings we received and accepted. We are also very excited about being able to work with the MTC President and Sister Earl and the new missionaries that will be coming through the MTC from all of the different countries including the USA. Needless to say our workload and service load has been increased significantly and some of our extra-curricular activities will have to go. The couple to our left is the McDougals from Pleasant Grove, UT. They arrived 2 months ago to serve in the temple. We have enjoyed getting to know them. We are expecting 5 more couples from the USA to serve in the temple around the beginning of May. This week two bus loads of dedicated people from Portugal arrived at the temple to work hard for the week. We enjoy the activity generated by these kind of groups. We almost always have others from France, Italy and Spain join in with these larger groups and the language fun begins. We truly feel the joy of serving the Lord and are grateful for our opportunities to do so in spite of our ancient ways. We are too busy and happy to grow any older. Our minds are stimulated beyond our wildest expectations and our memories seem better than ever. We are more in love than we have ever been. We are experiencing a little bit of heaven everyday as we serve in the House of the Lord. We ask the Lord daily to bless you all and his spirit to be with you in all of your activities. Have a wonderful week !!! We are almost down to one year left and it will go by very fast so we have to dig in and work as hard as we can so as to not have any regrets.

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