Friday, April 16, 2010

MTC plus the Temple

Dear Loved Ones,Here we are with our latest group of missionaries. We have 9 North American and 5 Portuguese missionaries. The ones from the USA come for 6 weeks and the others from any of the countries in Europe come for only 3 weeks because they will be speaking the language they already know . It is really a pleasure to get to know all of them and work with them to help them to be ready to serve their missions. Our President and his wife are wonderful, competent and capable people who are great teachers and examples of service. We are enjoying very much serving with them here. This MTC service coupled with our Temple service makes for a very interesting and rewarding experience for us. We are very busy and the time is going by as if we were in afterburners all the time. What a marvelous experience we are having, learning and sharing. We are expecting 11 more missionaries tomorrow. It is truly an emotional experience to get to know these faithful servants of our Heavenly Father and then to see them launch on their missions probably never to see them again. These are photos of the Presidency of 4 including wives with the current group altogether and then with the Americans and then the Portuguese. As you can see we are directly in front of the temple doors. We are finally going to get two more pairs of Senior temple missionaries in the next two weeks ( Skousens and Browns) and possibly 2 more by summer. This will alleviate the shortage in workers we have been experiencing in the temple the entire time that we have been here. It has been great to feel needed in a desperate sort of way. Hope this finds you all well.

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