Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving in Spain

We are thinking of all of you and feeling very grateful for your love and support to us. We are blessed beyond words. Our time here is rushing by and we are seeing things for the last time. We have had a busy week in the temple with many fine patrons from Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. We had families that came with their children and young adults to do all the ordinances. We were deeply moved by their willingness and for their sacrifices to be here. On Monday of this week we had our Thanksgiving dinner with 51 people attending. It was so nice of everyone to celebrate Dick's birthday. Thank you all for your gifts and well wishes. It was a super day! In thinking about past Thanksgivings we remember many wonderful times. One that comes to mind is the one in 1999. We had dinner at our home and then went to Vance and Tina's for pies. We played games in the park across the street. We will always remember seeing Vance come over to join with the games. It was his first time to really be up and about since the transplant in August. How happy we all were!! Another one was in 1991 when we went to the church and joined with the Pickles and Draughons. This was when we all met Trisha's Chris Lloyd for the first time. Another one was when we joined with the Thompson and had smoked turkey for the first time. We have had the best time in remembering our blessings and most of all we are and will be eternally grateful to have all of you in our lives. Family and friends are forever. We pray that you will have a wonderful day and feel the joy and peace of the gospel in your lives. Nothing is more important than our testimonies of our Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. We pray for you all! Be happy! Don't get discouraged! Keep believing! Things will get better. The gospel is True!!

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